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Crzrvan Custom off road caravans

Crzrvan Custom

Crzr Vans Custom Build Caravan Off Road Caravan - crzrvans

Crzrvan Family Explorer

Crzr Vans Custom Build Family Explorer Caravan Off Road Caravan - crzrvans

Crzrvan Brace

Crzr Vans Custom Build Brace Caravan Off Road Caravan - crzrvans

Escape the Ordinary: Explore Australia in a Custom-Built Crzrvan

Craving adventure? Ditch the cookie-cutter and hit the road in a CRZRVAN, your custom-built ticket to remote travel and off-grid exploration. CRZRVAN are meticulously crafted, designed to conquer any terrain and immerse you in the raw beauty of Australia’s diverse landscapes.

CRZRVANs aren’t just vehicles; they’re rolling homes, meticulously designed for adventure. Every aspect is customisable, from the layout and amenities to the suspension and off-road gear. We work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind van that reflects your unique travel style and dreams.

Here’s what sets CRZRVAN apart:

  • Unmatched Off-Road Prowess: Our in-house designed suspension and engineered chassis let you tackle the toughest terrain with ease.
  • Remote Travel Ready: Equipped with powerful solar systems, ample water storage, and 100% insulation, you can truly go off the grid in comfort.
  • Customisable Comfort: From compact couples’ vans to spacious family adventures, we tailor every detail to your needs and desires.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Built with passion and precision, your CRZRVAN is an investment in lasting memories and endless exploration.

Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? Contact CRZRVAN today and start planning your dream adventure. We’ll help you craft the perfect escape pod, one that takes you beyond the beaten path and into the heart of Australia’s wild beauty.

How We Work

Custom Build Caravans

At CRZR Industries we provide a completely custom built option to your remote travel caravan. Every build completed by CRZR industries is a truly one-off piece created from customer design and ideas.

Producing only 3 to 5 custom built caravans per year means we are able to work very closely with our customers to create the perfect caravan for your needs.