One off custom builds are our specialty…


The body of each CRZRVAN is constructed with one piece 29mm thick composite panels.

We do not remove any composite core from the panels to run wiring or plumbing (with exception to A/C power if fitted) meaning your CRZRVAN remains 100% insulated.

All corner joins are connected with an aluminium extrusion, automotive grade adhesive and mechanical rivets then coated with Speedliner Coating to provide protection against offroad abrasions.

Chassis / Suspension

Our CRZR Industries chassis and suspension has all been designed in house. Gone is the fad of independent suspension and in comes the tried and true bulletproof solid axle.


The CRZR Industries solid axle air ride suspension has been designed with one thing in mind, Strength. There is reason why the worlds toughest trucks and 4wds all use solid axles. Our solid axles and over engineered connecting plates and supports mean our chassis can withstand over 22,500kg without failure.

In clever design all the suspension components have been positioned on the outside of the chassis rails leaving the center of the chassis free to mount the water storage directly over the center of the axle group. This means whether your 340lt water tanks are full or empty little change in the towball weight is made.

Zero wheel aligning EVER. With our solid axle design wheel alignment is built into the chassis at fabrication stage. All you ever need to worry about is rotating your tires.

Floor Plan

Up until recently all CRZRVANS were one off floor plans but you now have the option to pick from our newly added set models.

As has always been the case with CRZRVAN you can still choose the Custom option and design every aspect of your van with our help.


We strive to be at the forefront of the evolution of power management in the caravan industry and with the help of Safiery this is possible. With the option of 48v battery systems, up to 8000w Inverters, expandable battery banks and vehicle charging of 3000watts we can deliver to the highest performance requirements anyone could request.


We want our customers to push the boundaries of remote travel and when you go to remote places you need to have backups. For this reason every crzrvan has redundancies to aid owners when things do go wrong.

Wiring– The only cable to run inside a wall panel is the power feed for you A/C. All our cabling is run in duct work throughout the van. This means if there is ever a wiring issue or add on’s need to be made you can located issues with out the need to remove wall or roof panels.

Air Ride- Every van build has the option to manually inflate the air ride system with an external air compressor should the air ride system fail. Multiple spare air fittings, air line and a spare airbag is also supplied with each CRZRVAN

SUSPENSION- In most builds the CRZRVAN Tandem axle vans is capable of being ran in single axle configuration in emergencies.

POWER-  With 3 charging options on every CRZRVAN there is always an option to replenish your battery bank. These consist of DCDC charging from the tow vehicle, solar charging from the rooftop solar panels or Mains charging from either grid power or generator power. In addition each Safiery 48v battery system come with Safiery Gold support. This means should a Victron issue arise the team at Safiery are able to remotely log into the system, view and change parameters and clear any faults to get you back on track.

Our Quality on show

All our caravan builds are custom and one off pieces, we specialize in bringing customers designs and floor plans to life with every aspect of each build customizable from appliances and one off electrical systems to high end individually sourced leather coverings, if you can think of it we do our best to incorporate your desires into what is a truly one off build.  We are a specialty builder focusing on one on one contact with our customers not a cookie cutter approach.  So if you are after something you have been dreaming of but can not find, touch base and let us turn your ideas into reality!