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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is a CRZRVAN?

Pricing for a Full custom made CRZRVAN can vary greatly and is heavily dependent upon your choices as everything is set by the customer. most full size custom builds finish between $300-350,000.

Starting prices for our set models can be found in the info section for each model.

How long does a build take?

While most caravan builders may spend 200-300 man hours per van build each CRZRVAN is built with over 1100 man hours with a huge emphysis on strength and quality. A normal custom build will usually take 5 months.

Where is CRZRVAN?

We are located in Shepparton Victoria.

What is our lead time?

Our build lead time is usually around 12 months to start a new build and around 5 months to build once designs are completed.

Do you charge to quote?

Yes, a design and quote costs $650. This creates a birds eye view scale floorplan and gives us a base to complete a quote from. should you comit to a build this is removed from your build price.